Team Bonding

New Staff Orientation

This programme is carried out in three stages, while having the end in mind.

The first stage involves candidates completing the profiling questionnaire specially designed to identify candidates’ suitability to the job. This is to be completed prior to the actual programme day.

The second stage then involves grouping the candidates based on the data collected. Our team will use our tried and tested methods to ensure that the groups are well-balanced, to ensure success for the actual event day.

Recognize Candidates Profile Prior to Hiring

Discover Job Suitability of Candidates

Set the Tone for Potential Hires and Inculcate Organisational Culture

Identify Potential Leaders amongst Participating Candidates

Greater Impartiality in the Hiring Process

Programme Highlights (Tangible/Intangible)


Candidate Profiling


Teambuilding and Team-based Activities


Introduction to Company Culture


Workplace Dynamics Simulation


Employee Stress Test


Holistic Candidate Evaluation